Monday, January 18, 2016

Pablo Nouvelle - All I Need [Kontor Promo]

What happens when you actually like HipHop but then realize that the samples of people singing rather do it for you than the rapping? You become Pablo Nouvelle who has apparently gone through this and is now about to release his sophomore album "All I Need" via Armada Music on January 29th, 2k16, a serving of sixteen tracks that can be filed under the flag of Modern or Contemporary Soul with influences taken from several other genres like Future or Post Garage like in "We Ain't Dead Yet" featuring the amazing Norma Jean Martine on vocal duties, delivering a both powerful, fragile performance on the mic or gravitating towards decent, glitzy ClubPop with the uplifting "Hold On" featuring James Gruntz for a vocal performer. And there is the first hint of a problem popping up with this - although we see a trademark production value brought in by Mr. Pablo Nouvelle himself who creates what can be also described as a well proper showcase of worthwhile, contemporary Pop music with a touch of Soul the vast variety of vocal performers and singers alone which also includes the likes of Sam Wills, LIV, Kylan Road, Tom Cane, Gavin Turek, Rio and Lulu James evokes the feeling of listening to a high quality compilation rather than an artist album so we cannot see how people will recognize these songs as Pablo Nouvelle's own as for songs they'll always be focusing on the vocalists rather than on the music as the most recognizable part of it. But nonetheless there's some proper quality work delivered here which might and will appeal to a broad range of folks loving the sound of artists as diverse as James Blake, The XX, Sia, Kat Vinter, Disclosure and many others for a reason.


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