Sunday, January 17, 2016

Aidan Knight - Each Other [Full Time Hobby Promo]

After we've already announced the news of a forthcoming Aidan Knight album on the great Full Time Hobby imprint in late October 2015 it is now time for a full on review as the release date is set for January 22nd, 2016. And it seems like his third full-lenght shot after his 2010 released debut "Versicolour" is quite a great effort, touching on folksy territories - well, otherwise it wouldn't be on Full Time Hobby , would it? -, flirting with jazzy snares and drums in general, bringing ethereal, shoegazing string layers in the opener "Each Other", adding some Psychedelia feel in "All Clear"  and strips down to the very essence throughout the fragile, yet epic Post-Indie trip entitled "The Funeral Singers". Listening to "What Light ( Never Goes Dim)" we're introduced to simple, captivating and slightly wobbly guitar repetitions and melancholia-inducing piano accompanying Mr. Knights muscular trademark snare catering rhythmic structure, the slightly more uptempo jam "The Arp" gets a little funky with twanging, space guitars and the acoustic "St. Christina" adds a little yearning campfire feel to round things off, before "You Are Not Here" takes us on a journey into the darker corners of Aidan Knights work, bringing in heavier aesthetics with quite a bluesy, still experimental attitude. Closing things with "Black Dream" we're finally entering charming, intimate home recording realms, evoking pictures of the artist sitting in his bedroom all on his own, playing his old guitar and just letting things flow whilst we're watching him... closely. Defo a sweet album for all Full Time Hobby fans and followers out there.


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