Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Marc Carroll - Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All [One Little Indian Promo]

Put on the circuit a rough five weeks from now via One Little Indian was "Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All", the latest and seventh album of Marc Carroll on which the Irish singer/songwriter explores and fathoms the meaning and meanderings of love in all its varieties, the main thing that keeps humans and human relationships going forevermore. And despite the opener "No Hallelujah Here" coming across in a, well..., well-dated and dusted 70s manner announcing no good, the rest of the album caters the needs of the Folk and Indie / Alt Rock heads with both deep melancholia and uplifting dancefloor fillers, goes into ritual drummings and Spoken Word-driven Off Rock in the title song "Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All", a collaboration with Crass' collaborateur, author and philosopher Penny Rimbaud, opens vast imaginery wilderness when the 70s / 80s Rock strikes back in "A Child In Midstream" and comes across in an intimate and inward looking manner in "Your Ghost". "Catalina In The Distance" perfectly blends in with the progamming of boring / streamlined mainstream radio stations whilst perfectly emulating late 70s popular music and the final "Against All Odds" is a slightly kitschy, nearly 6 minutes spanning instrumental jam from the Library Music archives and luckily not a Phil Collins homage. Kind of a mixed bag of an album that defo has some highs but also quite a bunch of fillers. Thus, we're not sure about the target audience for this album - maybe anyone being a child of a so-called rock dad might know better ? 


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