Sunday, February 07, 2016

Zeitkratzer performs Reinhold Friedl: Kore [Zeitkratzer Productions 020]

Scheduled for February 26th, 2016 via their very own label Zeitkratzer Productions imprint is the release of "Zeitkratzer performs Reinhold Friedl: Kore" - a new album piece in which the ensemble creates a variation on a piece originally written and performed by its founder Reinhold Friedl based on and developed from the roots of his 2007 Asphodel-release "Xenakis [a]live!". Split into four parts here - probably in respect of the Greek mythology which sees the legend of Kore as origin of the four seasons - the album starts with an intense, nerve-wrecking combination of off-kilter string instruments, cold and droning electronics accompanied by occasional low frequency trombone and horn takes whilst the second part is more structured in terms of rhythmic patterns which fall back into buzzing chaos, conveys a more plangent overall feel and for the first time introduces piano exercises conducted by Reinhold  Friedl himself to the albums multilayered soundscape. Part three comes across a more melancholia-infused, yearning musical approach featuring both solemn layers as well as agitated, screeching, high frequency movements before the final part brings intense turmoil, a slow maelstrom of bass, ecstatic violins and an overall cacophonia for lovers of musical hyperintensity that slowly fades out into fragile, semi-acoustic tenderness. Check!


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