Thursday, March 10, 2016

Acidfloor - Ausgang Stereo Out [Psychocandies 041]

Scheduled for March 17th, 2k16 is the latest release of the Acid-leaking Psychocandies-imprint which is about to serve "Ausgang Stereo Out", the new album created by the labels stalwart producer Acidfloor. With "1234" we see a first offering for all those loving their Acid dry and monotonous, "Elektrotage" caters a more pounding, distorted attitude and "Gogo" brings a raw, unprocessed 12+ minutes journey into the magic world of Jack's underground. "JetPack" weighs in quite ravey, percussive synth works and razor sharp hi-hats alongside screaming, ecstatic Acid lines whilst "Auftakt" is trippin' out on the fast paced end of the spectrum with the help of gooey modulations and brutalist snare attacks. Going deeper into the album "Monkey Tea" is a huge anthem for all those loving their late night underground workout soundtrack raw, minimalist, well-recognizable and psychotic, the hectic vibe of "Second Base" kinda reminds us of both old Dancemania and late Djungle Fever releases and "Move It" fuses Intelligent Techno-reminiscing modulations with racing,  hard-hitting drums pleasing all those longing to be spiralized in illegal warehouse dances. Furthermore "Papa Bier" provides maximum pleasure inna late 80s Chicago Acid stylee and the final "Pineapple" comes across as a dry, spiralling and well-hypnotizing effort for all real headz. Acieeed for real!


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