Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: I [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Coming up soon via Dr. NoiseM's very own imprint Dr. NoiseM Tapes is the letter 'I' in his ongoing "The CDr A-B-C"-series which comes across as a kind of surprising sequel in this string of releases as we're seeing a new musical approach that's coming into play here. Instead of focusing on the experimental, Noise-driven aspects of beatless electronic music as done in the majority of its predecessors Dr. NoiseM delivers a full-on, 77 minutes take on Deep Listening Music / Ambient here that evolves slowly and naturally likes the tides, providing a steady swell of hiss and low frequency bass from minute 25 onward which is sonically resembling the eternal cycle of waves washing ashore for now and ever, repealing the perception of time through providing an ongoing stream of calm and everlasting beauty. Recommended.


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