Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Regolith - I [Rock Is Hell Records 067 Promo]

Released on the Austrian label Rock Is Hell records on December 24th, 2015 - sic !!! - is "I" , the first full length effort of Regolith after a string of various non-album releases, splits and contributions to compilations that's going back to the year 2008. Together, the electronic duo consisting of Christian Zollner and Richie Herbst serves a menu of four monolithic pieces named "Platinum", the connected "Comet Tails / Star Trails" and "Gescom", all stretching out towards the 20 minutes playtime mark each and (un)pleasing the advanced listener with a maelstrom of continuous sonic blackness balancing the thin line between Drone and pure Noize. In the first tune we see buzzing electronic feedback distortions evolve and being slowly overlain by layers of calm, scientific dronage, the combined double joint "Comet Tails / Star Trails" starts out with an echo'ing, minimalistic beat buzz that will surely appeal to fans of the Sähkö-imprint and provides a steady flow of low frequency background Noize, more scientific signals and fluttering interference later accompanied by rhythmic pulses leading into a heavy, yet not disharmonic crescendo before the final cut "Gescom" combines vibrant modulations with hard hitting sonic strikes that could well-function as SFX for a year 3k space battle, introduces more harsh, robosonic noises throughout the tracks second, surely calmer yet not Ambient-related half and finally comes to a reconciliatory end. Heavy stuff.


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