Thursday, March 31, 2016

Murena Murena - Shame Over [Totally Wired Records Promo]

Scheduled for release on April 15th, 2k16 via Totally Wired Records is Murena Murena's album debut "Shame Over", previously teasered and announced by these pages via posting the great and intense song "Lovely Homes" in late February which is defo not the only remarkable piece on this twelve song take coming straight from the ever active Munich underground. Being the brainchild of Daniel Murena who's working with the likes of Albert Pöschl, Tagar and Dizzy Errol on his band project, Murena Murena surely takes us to places we've never been before - both in terms of the novelty approach towards Pop-induced song structures as well talking a very special kind of mad twisted darkness immanent to nearly every single song from the Psycho Wave of the opener "Newsflash Apocalypso", the Beastie Boys vs. Psychobilly vs. Pop Punk feel of "Drag Race" to the morbid love story told in "La Vans Wife". In "Dancing Naked" classic underground Rock'n'Roll meets echoes of Ska and tons of smudgy sound FX emulating maximum lo-fi recording quality, "Pretty Please" adapts marching drums on tilt mode and loads of ludicrous Surf Listening whilst "Peace" digs deep into highly Psychedelic UltraDub and the "Shy Goose" isn't shy at all but rocks your local IndieElectro dancefloor to the max with its dreamy, yet compulsory attitude and epic breakdown that will be loved by all fans of DFA and the Indie-scene ca. 2008 -  a huge hit, this. Furthermore "Tu Tu" comes across in a showband mode on overdrive,  "War Drugs" dubs things out in a hardcore'esque greyscale manner somewhat evoking memories of Mark Stewarts and Adrian Sherwoods darkest moments layered on top of stoically proceeding drums and the two versions of "Fossil Fuel" are concluding this album with more than just a hint of minimalistic SynthWave on Acid / fuzzy Psycho Blues for all fans of David Lynch or the latest releases by Danish multi talent Trentemøller. Quite an interesting ride, this!

MURENA MURENA - Le Van's Wife from Tobias Yves Zintel on Vimeo.


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