Saturday, April 30, 2016

Daniel Ruane - The Interpreter [The Silent Howl 011 Promo]

Released in early March via the UK / Canadian imprint The Silent Howl is "The Interpreter", the second full length album effort provided by Manchester-based producer Daniel Ruane who serves a compilation effort with this one, focusing on a menu of five remixes created by himself for fellow acts like Martijn Comes, Trinkkets, Inverchoulin and Kumiko alongside a bunch of four original Daniel Ruane tracks re-arranged and re-edited by the likes of Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Shay, LOFT and - again - Trinkkets. Especially the artists own remix works spread out a specific sonic approach of highly defined, compressed and broken beat structures drawing influences both from Electronica / IDM and mostly cold, scientific, Industrial sound architecture whilst, in parts, referencing the echoes of PostDubstep and its derivatives which are even evident in clearly technoid workouts like his interpretation of Trinkkets "Lace" or the crackling, droney Broken Techno slow motions of his rework of Fred Thomas' "Partita In C Minor".  In comparison to this we see the remixes provided for Daniel Ruane's being on a deeper, more friendly and organic tip, even incorporating sampled live drumming in Shay's deep and playful TripHop meets Electronica-rework of "Tranquilizer" whilst the 'LOFT Functional Club Edit' of "Switch" takes us directly to the center of our favorite Techno club before the concluding 'Trinkkers Recalibration' of "Tranquilizer" explores glitchy Ambient realms and twisted vocal cut-ups that make your braincells shuffle for a reason. Nice one.


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