Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ozmotic - Liquid Times [Folk Wisdom]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Folk Wisdom-imprint in March 2k16 was "Liquid Times", the second full length album effort by the prolific Italian experimental duo Ozmotic. In opposite to the albums predecessor Ozmotic are, apart from two tracks created with their previous longplay collaborator Christian Fennesz, on their own in the studio, creating a misty, experimental sound drawing influences from Ambient and Drone as well as from the sounds of the digital age, especially Glitch and Clicks'n'Cuts. This combination already shows in the opener "Storming" which turns from Deep Listening Music into a digital beehive whilst the following title track evolves from a digital data set establishing a connection into cold, storming Electronica that could've well been released on labels like the Finnish Sähkö imprint. With "Remembrance" we'll find the first Fennesz-collab on the album which is, as one might guess, a deep fusion of Ambient Post-PostRock and electronic experimentalisms, "Techne" weighs in a crossover of glitchy electronics beats, foggy South American spiritualism and Jazz Noir, "Rhyzome" also enters Jazz-influenced realms whilst evoking a feel of imminent danger and "Diaspora", also created alongside Christian Fennesz, fuses threatening, tension-inducing sounds from a faraway future with Digital HighTech Jazz and Fennesz' droney trademark guitars, amalgamating all these influences into alienating Desert Rock of Morricone'esque qualities. Ozmotic's "Sliced Reality" brings more nerve wrecking tension and digital crackles accompanied by unsettling drums and mechanical noises whilst walking "Above The Clouds" is a complex, levitating freestyle jam of sonic events including ongoing synth modulation, multilayered robotic sounds, intense atmospheres... and tweeting birds appearing somewhere in the very background. Furthermore we'll find two bonus remixes on this one - "Rhyzome" reworked by bass sculpting master Senking of former Karaoke Kalk-fame, now releasing on the regular via Raster Noton, who creates a thrilling, post-apocalyptic sound vision of stripped down, yet spine-tingling nature for hyperadvanced dancefloors whilst Frank Bretschneider revisits "Sliced Reality" and creates a minimalistic and well-futuristic sonic architecture based upon the concept of off-kilter, polyrhythmic Minimal Techno for those who know. Quality stuff!  


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