Thursday, April 07, 2016

6.R.M.E. - ANRSE [Hirntrust Grind Media 042 Promo]

Coming in from the great Austrian-imprint Hirntrust Grind Media is the first ever vinyl release by the French artist Yann Lefeuvre under his 6.R.M.E.-moniker who turns out to be an excellent addition to the labels catalogue with his two tracks "ANRSE" and "RYKE" to be found on this 7" record. Balancing the line between SloMo Rhythm Industrial, grinding, heavily distorted Illbient and fierce Mutant HipHop instrumentals one immediately is taken back to second half of the 90s releases by Techno Animal on Chrome before the label was renamed to Position Chrome, "Electric Ladyland"-like sickness and the darkest vaults of post-apocalyptic cities in which dystopian evil lurks. If Jabba The Hut is about to have a theme party dedicated to blackest despair and sadistic torture these beats might be on heavy rotation. Our verdict: some lovely Noize!


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