Monday, April 11, 2016

Sonotanotanpenz - Conga [Noble Records 217 Promo]

After we've already announced the forthcoming advent of Sonotanotanpenz new album on these pages in March it is now about time to review the seven tracks featured on "Conga" which is due for release on the Japanese Noble Records imprint on April 15th, 2k16. Clocking in at a surprisingly short overall run time of roughly 16 minutes only the group manages to cover a fascinating musical range from the lovely Folk Psychedelia of the opener "Cave" to minimalistic, yet captivating Ceremonial Pop presented in "Tea", intense Industrial-influences ("Map") and quirky Lo-Fi efforts as to be found in the drummachine heavy "Bagpipe". Furtermore the title track of this mini album weighs in Japanese ClubPop, "King" comes across as a full-on experimental Folk meets typewriter rhythms skit of 28 seconds lengths whilst things come full circle with the final "A Farm And The Universe" which goes back to the deep, intimate Folk Psychedelia of the beginning and concludes an album more thrilling, widely varied, unique and entertaining than most full-length efforts around. Recommended!


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