Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Large Unit - Ana [PNL Records 033]

Another relatively fresh release from the Norwegian music circuit is "Ana", the latest musical outing by Large Unit put on the circuit via PNL Records, a label run by drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. With this album we see the group - a Large Unit indeed considering that it's formed by 11+ musicians - taking the listener on a well-demanding and defo uneasy tour de force into the lands of multi-percussive Free Jazz which is slightly influenced by Paal Nilssen-Love's love for Brazilian music but most of the times gravitates towards heavy experimentalism, layered crescendoes and even sequences of what seems to be pure Noize, created both by real instruments and electronic devices. Along these elements come sections of pure brass improv in first third of the the 28 minutes spanning main piece "Riofun" which offers the whole spectrum from calming sequences to elaborate chaos whilst the third and closing "Circle In The Round" comes across in a more playful, yet also more repetetive and Funk-induced manner that will be appealing, as well as the whole album, to die-hard FreeJazz fans and followers only.


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