Sunday, May 08, 2016

LGFN - Black Forest [Herbie Martin Music Promo]

Put on the circuit via Herbie Martin Music on April, 29th is "Black Forest", the newest musical outing of LGFN - or La Gateau Foret Noir if you wanna use the French long form of the bands name. With this longplay piece including a bunch of eleven songs and a total runtime of roughly 50 minutes the group, formed by and gathered around band leader Hans Ulrich Anderer,  meanders through a world of what once would've been filed under the flag of Alternative- or Leftfield Pop musically, taking advantage of a classic band setup and transferring this well-familiar instrumentation to another level that is guided by more electronic influences, partly gravitating towards TripHop and Downtempo vibes or even incorporating agitated Drum'n'Bass-references in tunes like "Dog Pony Show". Along these adaptations of the mentioned styles by a classically trained group come elements usually found rather in Rock / Pop than in electronic music as there are rapid change of tempo or mood, vocal / bride / refrain-arrangements, showcase solos, funky sections and of course proper lyrics instead of samples whilst the aesthetics of the drum foundation have more of a live feel rather than relying on an electronically compressed punch. Taking this into consideration we do reckon that "Black Forest" might be more appealing to an audience that comes from the Pop / song-orientated side of the spectrum rather than being electronically schooled folks but this does by no means imply a lack of musical quality at all as the songs are executed to a maximum effect and from this we're taking an educated guess that experiencing LGFN live is a thing that one should defo go for if they're playing on stage somewhere around your local area. Watch out.

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