Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Joasihno - Meshes [Alien Transistor Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 6th, 2k16 via Alien Transistor is "Meshes", the latest album effort of Joasihno which is following up to their 2013-released "A Lie" these days. And with a new album come some interesting changes in the outfits line-up - still headed by Cico Beck and Nico Sierig the band will be joined by automated musicians, or robots, on stage these days and those who're immediately referencing the retrofuturistic Kraftwerk as well as other Krautrock companions are not completely off target here as the musical vision presented by Joasihno in 2k16 defo evokes memories of glitzy, oscillating La Düsseldorf- and even Rheingold-moments, playful tunes like the "Wondrous Sibling" can surely be seen in a tradition of mid-90s Mouse On Mars, the steady sawtooth bass and scintillating cosmo synths of the "Bells Game" are made to enthrall advanced dancefloor crowds and  "Temporary Parallel" sounds like a raw, unprocessed and highly improvised demo take from an interfering radiophonic workshop for Indietronics producers taking place in a parallel universe. Exploring new "Grounds" the band returns to a surprisingly fast-paced variation of Krautrock accompanied by bell-like oscillations and trancey, floating synth melodies, the title track turns out to be a calm and well laid back miniature piece whilst "EFOM" features a layer of classic chords and harmonies on top of ever changing and evolving, highly chromatic sonic spirals. With "Retoure" we meet a sweet and friendly, curiously and playfully teasing Advanced Instrumental Pop entity with a robotic soul, "Someday Square" is nothing but masterly arranged beauty and the final 446 seconds of "Veiled Bloom"  are based on buzzing, scientific signals and neon-romantic melodic efforts emitted back to the future from a retrofuturistic sound lab. We need to see this live on stage - soon!


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