Friday, July 15, 2016

Leighton Craig - Green Coronet [A Guide To Saints 018 Promo]

Another one coming from the other side of the world is "Green Coronet", the most recent album outing produced by the Brisbane / Australia-based artist Leighton Craig. Put on the circuit via the label A Guide To Saints we're experiencing a bunch of four tracks here rolled out over quite exactly 50 minutes of time, all of which are exploring the pure, untouched beauty of blurry synth-based Ambient, graced with additional bits of processed Field Recordings as well as a little distortion here and there. If one wants to put this album consisting of slowly floating rivers of sound and hints of autumnal melancholia into a musical drawer we'd probably say that Pop Ambient would be the most suitable one although the scenic wind section to be found in the tune named "Drowned World" as well as the falsetto-reminiscing vocals on "Divided By Zero" might exceed this genre term for more than only one reason. File under: music for dreams.


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