Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Various Artists - Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains Vol.1 [Serein 010 Promo]

Scheduled for release on August 19th, 2k16 on the Serein label is "Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains Vol. 1" , a sixteen track various artists compilation meant to serve soothing sounds for long distance travels. Following this concept we see a wide range of artists like Ametsub, Yui Onodera & Chihei Hatakeyama, Otto A Totland, Donato Wharton and many others bring out their very best in terms of classical Ambient, Downtempo and ChillOut music to cater an amazing array of calming and well-comforting sounds that includes everlasting synth modulations of crystalline beauty which e.g. are to be found in Hidden Rivers' "What's Up G?" or slightly kitsch-inducing piano layers like in Dan Abrams' "Floating City" as well as ruminant, yet slightly crackling string arrangements of cinematic qualities which are prominently delivered by Benoit Pilouard's contribution entitled "Alogia". A few more favorite tracks of ours are Strie's slowly pounding "87 Billion Suns" which fuses angelic choirs, fragility and tender piano layers whilst Colorlist even bring in hints of super organic PostRock with their tune "Gone To Ground" and Donato Wharton introduces haunting Drone / Dark Ambient flavours which are to be found in his stunning composition "A Lightless Volume Of Water". But these are only a few tunes picked from this compilation piece that surely will make any journey a better one. Mission accomplished - nice one!

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