Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sin Fang - Spaceland [Morr Music 149 Promo]

Three years after his last album "Flowers" we see the Islandic artist Sin Fang  making a return to the longplay circuit with his newest outing "Spaceland" which will be released via Morr Music on September 16th, 2k16. Being closer to genres like IndiePop / DreamPop with his most recent outing as well as touching the borders of twinkle-toed SynthPop and featuring more electronic, dancefloor compatible elements that especially show in tunes like "Lost Girls" and the Future R'n'B-influenced "Please Don't" the album opens up a new page in Sin Fang's musical work whilst the tender, yet epic romanticisms of "I Want You To Know" cover the deeper side of Sin Fang's Advanced Pop approach and "Branch" even offers cinematic qualities on a well-synthetic foundation of urban beats. Defo a good one this, although not as fascinating as it's predecessor.


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