Thursday, September 08, 2016

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2016

01. Anne-James Chaton / Andy Moor / Thurston Moore - Heretics [Unsounds 54U]
See review for details...

02. DJ Rashad - Afterlife [Teklife Records 001]
Detroit's Teklife crew continues to preserve the legacy of Juke originator DJ Rashad with a massive 15 track double album on vinyl, jam packed with anthems and bangers crafted by Rashad alongside many collaborative forces before he passed away. As there's too much good stuff to mention on this essential piece here are just a few recommendations one should defo check out if not buying this album blindfolded anyway - so check the amazing mashup "High On Hope" by Microglobe X Machinedrum, the super dope crackhouse anthem "Let's Roll Out" by DJ Rashad X DJ Manny X DJ Spinn, the slightly Jungle-reminiscing "Roll A Tree" crafted by DJ Rashad X DJ Manny or the dirty AF low end killer "Wear Her Pussy Out" by DJ Rashad X DJ Earl amongst other highly recommended bangers on here!

Listen to Microglobe X Machinedrum "High On Hope" here!

03. Zombie Zombie - Slow Futur [Versatile Records]
Zombie Zombie are back! After catching our attention with their epic EP release "Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter" back in 2010 the eclectic duo project consisting of Cosmic Neman and Etienne Jaumet caters the needs of all (Neo) Cosmic astronauts and Space Music travellers with another well-fascinating 2x12" album incorporating a bunch of four tracks with each one spreading out over a whole side of a record and all exceeding the 10 minutes mark. Musically what we deal with here is quite a bunch of quirky, spaced out synth melancholia with a longing twist, partly dancefloor rocking beats like provided by the albums title track "Slow Futur" which also serves killer vocoder vocals for an extra layer of ultimate seduction and loads of lovely, highly enjoyable vintage retrofuturisms for advanced dancers, eclectic homelistening sessions or collectors of 70s sci-fi scores. This one is a must.

04. Various Artists - Philly Blunt: The Album [Philly Blunt Records]
Well, what a massive quadruple 12" pack this is and honestly I cannot remember when was the last time I bought a full on Drum'n'Bass compilation album - maybe because it last happened more than a decade ago? Whatever, this one got me as Philly Blunt is a classic Jungle / Drum'n'Bass imprint and there's quite a few classics on here that are revived in a contemporary, yet timeless and valuable way. Serum gets to rework Dillinja's "Gangsta", once released under his alias Trinity, Firefox' "Buck Rogers" is remixed by Bladerunner and the alltime Jungle favorite "This Is A Warning" by Firefox & 4-Tree is revamped by Serum again to please all the oldskool junglists needs. But also the original cuts featured on here, e.g. Firefox' "True Grit", the busy fastlane stepper "Phenomenon" created by Serum and Trigga on microphone duties and the masterly crafted Halftime Drum'n'Bass / HipHop-fusion "Red Eyes" by Serum feat. Inja or the tense gangsta cut "Save This World" by Serum & Voltage provide maximum dancefloor damage and are timeless tunes in their own right. If you're appreciating Drum'n'Bass in its classic, original form - sometimes rolling, sometimes hard stepping and sometimes a little jumpy -, without epic drops but providing proper Bristol-style tools for all them hardworking jocks out there this album, and the included one hours mix CD, will defo cater your needs and bring you maximum pleasure and joy for a reason.

05. By The Waterhole - Two [Playdate Records 008]
See review for details...

06. Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers [Planet µ 369]
See review for details...

07. The International Nothing (... And Something) - The Power Of Negative Thinking [Monotype Records 086]
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08. Vitor Joaquim - Geography [Cronica]
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09. Skadedyr - Culturen [Hubro Music]
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