Sunday, October 30, 2016

Electric Sewer Age - Bad White Corpuscle [Hallowground Promo]

Put on the circuit via Hallowground only recently is Electric Sewer Age's album "Bad White Corpuscle" which was originally released via the Old Europa Cafe label in 2014 and is now re-issued including a previously unreleased vinyl bonus tune named "Redocine (Death Of The Corpuscle)". And according to what we've found, musically, on the promo CD copy it's defo a necessity to make this longplay piece  available to a broader audience than the 750 ppl that the original, hand-numbered edition from two years ago was meant for. Going from Dark Ambient via Ambient to experimental, sci-fi fueled and ever evolving modulations accompanied by intense, non-vocal choirs and a well threatening vibe within the first four tracks which, as a bunch, make the A-side of the vinyl the musical journey is a quite intense one with the 8+ minutes of "Rising Corpuscle" totally drilling into our shocked and congealed brain cells. The B-side starts off with more choirs and spacious alien gregorianism when it comes to the intro of albums title track which also brings in kinda organic, yet reprocessed slap bass, World Music-reminiscing vocalisms and (Neo)Cosmic structures for hyper-advanced dancefloors before the additional vinyl tune even unearths some balearic guitars and epic, slightly kitsch-driven panorama strings alongside additional, pretty eerie sidetones, gnawing vocoder samples and heavily compressed mid-90s IDM / Electronica beats in parts reminiscent of The Future Sound Of London and the concluding "Black Corpuscle" serves a final ride through various stages of what Ambient music can be, accompanied by what seems to be a slightly depressing, field recorded and therefore distorted, intense monologue. Intriguing music that's about to stand the test of time for sure.


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