Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Adrian Corker - The Have-Nots OST [SN Variations Promo]

Scheduled for release on November 25th, 2k16 via SN Variations is Adrian Corker's original soundtrack for Florian Hoffmeister's most recent movie effort named "The Have-Nots". And although we do not have access to the film to evaluate how well the music complements the cinematography it's safe to say that Adrian Corker's work, mainly based around a classical string quartet, is going to appeal to an audience much broader than collectors of scores / soundtracks only, due to its inherent romanticism and tender, oftentimes intimate and melancholia-inducing nature that caters to the needs of those loving their (Neo)Classical music from the heart but also manages to deliver more experimental sequences, like the ones to be found in the short skit named "Supermarket" or the subsequent "Squaring The Circle VS 2", for followers of contemporary music and organic Ambient which, at some point, is even spread out over a deep and dancefloor friendly foundation of 4/4 drums or turns into tense, eerie and more like nerve-wrecking, outerworldly soundscapes in "Charged (Rushing Rework By Jack Wyllie)", a tune that also would be a great choice to accompany an old Hitchcock flic for a reason. Defo a good listen on a cold winter's day.


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