Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Cut Worms - Lumbar Fist [Opa Loka Records]

Another fresh one on Opa Loka Records is Richard Van Kruysdijk's solo project Cut Worms which is coming up with its longplay debut these days. Weighing in seven tracks spread out over an hours playtime the opener "Tangent Folio" takes us on a trip into slowly evolving, partly drone'ish Ambient landscapes of a calming, contemplative nature and lays the foundation for what is to follow in "Stone Ether" - a tune of similar, yet slightly darker and more intense nature, evoking memories of grey, leaden clouds pushed through the open skies by a storm that has not reached its absolute peak yet. With "Halo Ginseng" - that title, though... - the overall atmosphere gravitates towards a more friendly spectrum and might be described as Ambient equivalent of hanging out on a warm and lazy summers day, doing nothing, "Seance Drop" serves eerie minimalisms in a world of eternal gridlock where the horizon's silver lining is just pale and nearly invisible whilst "Crabby Plasma" brings in the ultimate quietude in providing a steady, wave-resembling ebb and flow of sonic pulses. Furthermore the "Drum Sloth", like all tunes on this well-recommended album, stays away from any drums at all but caters beautiful cascades of Ambient motifs instead before the Drone-heavy, mostly static and non-evolutionary nature of "Slow Binging", a tune that evokes memories of Aube's classic "Deglaze" album, concludes what is to be referred to as nothing less than a great debut effort. Get!

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