Thursday, December 22, 2016

Takamovsky - Sonic Counterpoint [Etymtone 005]

Released via the Etymtone label on November 22nd, 2k16 is "Sonic Counterpoint", the sophomore album by Takamovsky, a project created by author and musician Juergen Berlakovich. With the longplay piece kinda revolving around a piece of classical music - Johann Sebastian Bach's Cello Suite No. 4, BWV 1010 - which is reinterpreted as an intimate, PostRock / Indietronica-infused guitar piece in the opening tune we see the classical motif, or its variations, return over and over again throughout the course of the eight tracks on this album, mostly paired with tender, intimate bits of Electronica and more or less digital, yet carefully crafted beat structures which - at least for us - evoke fond memories of a sound very present in venues like Hamburg's tiny Astra Stube throughout the late 90s / early 00s as well as represented by more electronic-focused releases on the Hamburg-based imprint Sunday Service or the former Berlin-based imprint Digital Kranky. If these names do strike a chord for you, this might be an album release to look out for for a reason. Also if you're into modernistic Inner City Blues, because "Running In The Background", the only vocal tune on "Sonic Counterpoint", is defo a leftfield'ish smash hit in its own right and worth getting this album just for this tune alone.

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