Friday, December 09, 2016

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2016

01. baze.djunkiii presents - Transmissions From The Underground Vol. 1 [Jahmoni Music]

Yes, here it is. baze.djunkiii's first official mixtape release in 12 years, since his latest split tape effort with the then NYC-based DarkJungle / Raggacore ambassador DJ Ripley on his very own imprint Intrauterin Tapes released back in 2004 to be more exact. Now he's picking up on the DarkJungle train again with the A-side of his "Transmissions From The Underground Vol. 1", fusing classic tunes from as far back as 1993 with modern amen terror whilst the flipside holds a lot of ravey darkness for all those loving their banging Hardcore to the max.

02. Coldcut - Only Heaven [Ahead Of Our Time]
See review for details....

03. Various Artists - Nervous Records 25 Years: Limited Collectors Edition [Nervous Records]
A no-brainer for every true House and Deep House connaisseur out there, this is. Printed as a limited edition on yellow vinyl this 2xLP features a wonderful selection of eight tracks picked from the vast Nervous Records catalogue of the past 25 years, including Nuyorican Soul's "The Nervous Track *Ballsy Mix" which is one of the most epic and beautiful BrokenHouse tunes ever produced as well as DJ Joe T. Vanilla featuring Csilla's "Play WithThe Voice *MAW In Your Face Mix" which has been on my personal want list ever since I heard it first back in 1995 on Phil Asher's "Nervous Encounters #1" mix album. More names to be dropped, if these two tunes are not enough: The Clubb Kids, Loni Clark, Kerri Chandler, Kim English and the Swing Kids. Must  have. Essential record.

04. Asfast / Kutin - Split [Ventil Records 003]
See review for details....

05. Phil Gerus - ...Tugboat Edits Volume 8 [Tugboat Edits]
Edits, edits, edits. We all know that these are quite a big thing these days and haven't  seen a decline in popularity over the past years but still most of them don't grab our attention in a way that we feel the need to add this to our vast collection of vinyl. But somehow this one made its way from the studio vaults of the Moscow-based producer Phil Gerus, weighing in a perfect fusion of Underground Disco - and some (No)Wave- / NuBeat-references when it comes to the banging A2 cut "Mistress Uniform" - and masterful editing skillz so this obviously limited and unofficial one is a must.

06. Zombie Zombie - Hyperspace [Versatile Records]
(Neo)Cosmic at its best is what is served via the latest Versatile Records 12" which features a bunch of three remixes for a Zombie Zombie track originally featured on their massive "Slow Futur" album. With Toulouse Low Trax catering a slow, spaced out and well psychedelic rework spanning the entire A-side of the vinyl we've got the main tune for hyperadvanced dancefloors and tripping ChillOut areas whilst the remixes catered by I:Cube and Gilb'r are more focused on the SlowHouse / NuDisco meets Dub as well as the Downtempo crowd.

07. Katapila - Trotro [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Thrilling stuff from Africa, this is. Ten tracks written and produced by DJ Katapila who approaches traditional Ghanaan Ga music from an electronic viewpoint to cater what he describes as his very own vision of House music. Although we're still in doubt if the raw, fast paced electronic signatures combined with call-and-response techniques, party hyping chants and pitched vocal samples of DJ Katapila's young daughter can be really filed under the flag of House we defo see how this is working dancefloors for a reason and how this, maybe unwillingly, can be seen as related to hard hitting Chicago Basement tracks coming from labels like Dance Mania in the first half of the 90s. If this sounds appealing to you, especially check the tune "Ice-Inc" to be found on C1 for a good portion of untamed Broken Techno and Acid-influences.

08. LeRoy - Bambadea [Schamoni Musik Promo]
See review for details.... 

09. Ensemble Du Verre - Rooms [Batterie Records]
See review for details.... 

10. Jeffrey Roden - Threads Of A Prayer Volume 1 [Solaire Records Records]
See review for details....


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