Friday, December 02, 2016

Sløtface - Empire Records [Propeller Recordings]

As we've already featured the title track of Sløtface's new EP named "Empire Records" on these pages a few weeks ago it's now about time to check out the full release which has been put on the circuit via Propeller Recordings on November 18th, 2k16. Opening the four track EP with "Bright Lights" the Norwegian band outfit presents its slightly more melancholic side, yet killing it with a sweet sing-a-long hookline and Pop-reminscing aspect they're looking for in all of their songs, "Empire Records" causes, as mentioned earlier, nothing but havoc on bouncy, bubbling Indie dancefloors, an attitude that's also inherent to "Take Me Dancing" which slightly gravitates more towards girly Pop Punk without necessarily falling into any cliche trap, despite showing absolute potential to enter mainstream radio rotation due to the songs absolute positivity. Finally Sløtface are closing this short, yet pithy release with "Fever Art", a sad, teenage breakup song for those who are looking for a little kitsch in their lives, shedding a tear whenever everythings falls in place at the end of their favorite movie. Defo a nice one, so we're curious about what the forthcoming album might add up the bands musical equation in 2k17.

EP artwork on Instagram!


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