Sunday, January 08, 2017

Muddersten - Karpatklokke [Sofa Music]

To be released via the Norwegian Sofa Music-imprint on January 13th, 2k17 is "Karpatklokke", a seven track album created by Havard Volden, Martin Taxt and Henrik Olsson under their conjunctional production moniker Muddersten. The groups name hails from a certain kind of mudrock that came to be from clay and soil drying out, and the album is - as far as we get from the press sheet - dedicated to or influenced by process of how plants manage to break through, cracking up this pretty much solid substance, mostly due to the use of hydraulics and the incompressible nature of liquids. And as chaotic, slow and unpredictable the process of a plant breaking through stone like material might sound, the trio's musical work does reflect that with all digital accuracy possible. Using guitar, tape-loops, electronics, objects, friction, piezo and - what ever this might be - microtonal tuba the body of work they create on "Karpatklokke" is, although highly digital and somehow walking the line between Clicks'n'Cuts and Noize for a very rough description, droney, fissured and fractured, at times deeply familiar like the very core of what life, and the everlasting process of bloom and decomposition, really is, at times abstract like the noise silently emitted by pretty much every digital or at least microchip driven device one owns and therefore extremely fascinating and defo one of our first highlights on the longplay release circuit this year. Check!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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