Friday, January 06, 2017

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2017

01. Sledgehead Bristol - Fleetwood Macked [Sledgehead Bristol 003]
Did anyone say Fleetwood Mac, and especially "Dreams" ? Count me in as I've got a personal connection to this specific song due to a Mannheim-based Drum'n'Bass-MC/-singer once known as Lady Infinity who not only was a massive fan of the band but also, as a side project, ran a cover band dedicated to Fleetwood Mac with her dad and once send me a tape including her incredibly good cover of "Dreams" which, at the time, simply blew my mind. Ever since, I feel a connection to this tune and therefore this perfectly crafted bootleg / mash-up which sets the original vocals into a new, more discoid context, serving a sweet DJ tool for use in NuDisco / Edit  or Freestyle related sets was a must  have for me.

02. Federico Curatolo - The Orchestra EP [Pathway Traxx 003]
All true House Music addicts watch out for this one. Originally released as a limited purple vinyl pressing in 2013 this popped up at our local record store only recently and serves a remarkable take on deep, oldskool Piano House with an ecstatic vocal twist. All these four tracks could've been produced somewhen throughout the first half of the nineties as well and therefore do represent the exact kind of House music we're into these days. Essential piece. 

03. The Modulator - Breather / Try Again [Analog Records USA 042]
Two epic, well muscular tracks on this limited to 100 copies 12" pressing which sees our main man Freddy Fresh reviving his very own imprint Analog Records USA by using his Techno-bound alias The Modulator. If you're a fan of the harder, banging side of Techno and have a thing for dark'n'wonky, ever evolving productions this is defo a proper addition to your collection. One to play out at illegal bunker raves for a reason.

04. Deep'a & Biri - Echoic Memories EP [Transmat Records 095]
After a longer break we've seen the classic Transmat label being revived again in 2016 and with the "Echoic Memories EP" by Deep'a & Biri, two producers hailing from Israel, they definitely caught our attention as the four tracks on this 12" single do cater a sweet fusion of Dub Techno-influences, echoes of Detroit and bits of Acid, all falling in place in a slightly tool'ish, yet floating and all embracing manner best served throughout late night Techno sessions. Good stuff.

05. 808 State - Ex:el [Music On Vinyl]
A blast from the past this numbered and limited to 750 copies re-issue on sweet yellow vinyl is. Originally released back in 1991 "Ex:el" does not only include 808 State's benchmark tunes "In Yer Face" and "Cübik" but also two amazing and oftenly overlooked Björk features on the tracks "Ooops" and "Qmart" plus, and this goes for this extended re-issue only, four bonus tracks and detailed liner notes reflecting on the projects history. Sweet.

06. Dr. Walker & Omsk Information / St. Tetik [Subsonic Records 003 Promo]
See review for details...

07. Paul Wirkus - Discours Amoureux [Edition Beides 002]
See review for details...

08. Celer - Two Days And One Night [Sequel 005]
See review for details...

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