Thursday, April 20, 2017

Candellila - Camping [Trocadero / ZickZack]

Recently released via Trocadero Records in collaboration with ZickZack is "Camping", the third full-length album effort by the German band outfit known as Candellila which we've already announced as forthcoming a few weeks prior to this review. Starting the approx. 30 minutes longplay journey with "Augen" we're sucked in to a highly dramatic, instrumental maelstrom informed by the legendary wall of sound aesthetics and an agitated, aggressive drive before "Hand" provides more of a crestfallen, greyscale, cold war, working class vibe and "Trocken Und Staubig" mixes up PostPunk, rich pianos and a lyrical flow surely influenced by one of Germany's pioneering ElectroPunk groups to a great effect. Furthermore "Intimität" plays with distorted stereo field pannings, a Punk'ish attitude, large scale build-ups and more of a harsh, cut-up attitude far beyond the implied intimacy lyricwise, "Transformer" takes all international Indie floors by storm with its upbeat vibe and dreamy, ethereal vocals and "Ruhig Draussen" weighs in a dubbed out, down to earth and even slightly blues-y attitude with a special twist - a song providing the ultimate, psychopathic plot twist for buzzing dancefloors. Following up is "Atmen", channeling the warped, nerve-wrecking aggression of a lost generation in less than 3 minutes, "Tier" is more of a hounded sequel to its predecessor on high speed overdrive whilst "Pool" comes across as a sweet, hypercondensed apocalyptic (un)love story  and the final cut  "Wüste" gets into the groove with a more minimalistic, dubbed out and Sherwood'esque production approach as well as a hint of ultimate despair. Defo a thrilling album, this, provided by what seems to be one of the most interesting bands coming straight out of Germany these days.

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