Saturday, May 13, 2017

Biggabush - Melody & Electronics EP [Jahmoni Music]

Soon to come on Munich's finest Jahmoni Music imprint is the label debut of no-one less than Glyn 'Bigga' Bush a.k.a. Biggabush, legendary bass master and founding member of (Neo)Dub staples Rockers Hi Fi who is now setting out to rock the scene with four sparse, well thought out tunes crossing over between classic Dub structures and modern bass music. Opening with "Mangrove Monkey" we're immediately drawn into a deep jungle feel with a lot of atmospheric samples accompanying the bouncy halftime beat and beautifully crafted synth motif as well as an all embracing wave of sub frequencies which makes all original bass headz bop for a reason whilst "Sounds & Blues" goes up a similar alley but presents itself in a more fever'ish, brooding manner and on a little more uptempo tip that will surely resonate with all those following the classic route of Dubstep for a reason. Furthermore there is "Dash Way Com", another deep Dubstep-related affair sporting complex, Electronica-informed beat structures, a beauteous out-of-this-world melody, vintage'esque chords and loads of original Dub FX whereas the final cut named "Footsie Index" explores minimalistic, slowly morphing Intelligent Techno realms for those rather into following a straight 4/4 bassdrum whilst drifting off into a pure, untouched universe of sonic singularity.  


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