Monday, May 22, 2017

Thomas Wynn And The Believers - Wade Waist Deep [Mascot Record Promo]

Put on  the circuit via Mascot Records last week is "Wade Waist Deep", the latest full length album effort created by Thomas Wynn And The Believers. Starting into this twelve song affair, which btw is their third longplay piece overall, with the muscular and captivating Desert Rock affair "Man Out Of Time" the band gives away their strongest tune straight away before going into timeless, yet a little dusted and 70s flavored RockPop for daytime radio play that we've heard a thousand times before with the albums title track, goes down the ballad'esque "Heartbreak Alley" with a glass of bourbon their hand and admits that "My Eyes Won't Be Open" in a quite pathetic, formulaic way that'll well fit into the soundtrack of any imaginery  80s road or teenage rebel movie for a reason. The story about some kind of "Thin Love" is a swinging, more upbeat affair touched by Country, kitsch and some twanging guitars which are built around an Indie'esque chorus, "I Don't  Regret" gets overly dramatic in terms of Rock'n'Roll ballads, "You Can't Hurt Me" finally grabs our attention again whilst picking up on a path the album left after the opening tune, providing some heavy solos and quite a rough, whiskey-soaked attitude and walking through the "Mountain Fog", listening to mysterious background choirs  reveals more of a folksy surprise paired with super solid Rock to which we can fully relate. Letting the listener "Burn As One" we're catered with quite a bunch of proper 80s cliches which totally work, unearthing memories of 'Mad Max' and the smell of cheap gasoline, "Feel The Good" is frolicking in the meadows, bringing back the kitsch aspect again, "We Could All Die Screaming" would make up for a great Rock'n'Roll soundtrack for an adventurous roadtrip into the desert (... or war ?) and the final song "Turn It Into Gold" leaves us thinking about our life decisions whilst sitting on a dusty road, dirty and watching the sun go down in the most epic way before providing  a grand HardRock finale that takes everyone by surprise. Quite a mixed bag of an album, this one, which probably would've turned out better if it had been cut down to a proper six track EP for a reason.      

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