Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jakaszek - Kwiaty [Ghostly International]

Released in mid-March via the lomg time running Ghostly International is "Kwiaty", the latest longplay effort created by Michal Jacaszek a.k.a. Jakaszek, a Polish composer who had been inspired by an English anthology of metaphysical poetry from the 17th century for this album. Drawing inspiration both from the formal as well as the obviously beautiful simplicity of the poems featured in this book Jakaszek merged those with sketches, ideas and half-finished tracks sitting on his harddisk waiting for a final polish, further processing or even release to create a highly consistent body of work consisting of eleven tracks, catering a most mysterious, sometimes even mystical atmosphere through their brittle, oftentimes slightly distorted vocal nature spread over a backdrop of blurred hisses, gentle beats, fragile guitar loops paired with bits of PostFolk and echoes of echoes of Singer / Songwriter'esque Pop, sometimes well melancholic and sometimes a little bit more uplifting and dancey like in songs like "Soft Music" or "To Meadows", with the last one being a little more thunderous and shattered like trapped radio transmissions from a long forgotten past whilst the dreamy "Eternity" weighs in loads of captivating, ethereal fascination for a reason. Defo a proper compagnon for rainy autumn days, this album is.       


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