Thursday, May 25, 2017

Zeitkratzer - performs songs from the albums "Kraftwerk" and "Kraftwerk 2" [Zeitkratzer Productions]

This is news! The ever active ensemble named Zeitkratzer, conducted, directed and founded by Reinhold Friedl is continuing their re-interpretations of classic albums with a special take on songs taken of the pair of very first, and never repressed, Kraftwerk albums "Kraftwerk" and "Kraftwerk 2" which showcased the krautsiest work ever provided by the band about to become praised Electro pioneers later on. And this time we see the ensemble, that's btw celebrating its amazing twentieth anniversary this year, provide interpretations pretty close to the original as the opening tune "Ruckzuck" immediately weighs in its seductive groove and very special, yet kinda klumsy Funk that brings all of us music nerds back to an era in which the development of a new musical language was an absolute necessity whilst "Spule 4" caters a kind of ProtoAmbient meets Score meets fascinating Future Jazz vibe that's both spine-tingling and masterly crafted. With "Strom" we're introduced to mysterious, yet unsettling scraping sounds and muscular, repetetive trombones slowly shifting towards an easier, more jazzy feel before being interrupted by dreamy at first, than ever climaxing guitars of a ruminant intensity, "Atem" a.k.a. 'breath' brings us an array of ColdAmbient antedating respiratory sounds before "KlingKlang", the 17+ minutes spanning main tune, is in for a spiritual meditation about everything good that has ever happened Krautrock-wise, especially when it comes to easy feel good grooves, meandering tempos and a sort of a Bossa'esque swing. Finally we're down with the "Megaherz", entering a hellish, agitated vortex of brooding tension and imminent danger soon making way for a more relaxed, natural and calming atmosphere providing a sweet conclusion to a highly recommended assortment of re-interpretations.

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