Thursday, May 18, 2017

Herva - Hyper Flux [Planet Mu Records 385]

Here we go with a slightly delayed take on one of February's releases from the Planet Mu camp - "Hyper Flux" crafted by the Italian artist and producer Herva who's catering a 53 minutes long twelve track ride with this one. Opening with some kind of "Esotic Energy" the first track takes us straight into the musicians playful yet erratic and unpredictable soundsphere sporting calmly plucked strings, deep Electronica vibes and more of a Plunderphonic-related attitude in parts, "Jitter" follows up with a dancier Braindance vibe combined with cocktail'esque pads perfectly matching the 'everything goes' feel oftentimes associated with releases on the legendary Rephlex-imprint around the late 90s / early 00s and a "Nasty MF" taps into lo-fi, more 4/4 orientated dance beats accompanied by Future Bass-synths and what seem to be Asian percussion elements. Furthermore Herva sets out to "Rule The Sun" by implementing blurry, spaced out melodies and busy Drill'n'Bass-remeniscing beats, inspecting the "Multicone" reveals interesting layers of warm organic Ambient soundscapes and defo one of the albums musical highlights, "Lly Spirals" weigh in a creepy kind of dark'ish PostStep rave feel for all true bass heads and "Solar Xub" provides another deep take on outer space club music from a future past. Riding a "Meta Wave" takes us into a sonic universe of digital distortion, clicks, crackles and cuts as well as kinda blues-y background guitars, "Cops Twerk" to Acid-infused Lo-Fi Rave sounds with a heavily glitched twist and "Peach" serves backwards-running beats and more blurred, fuzzy Ambient structures for tripped out minds. Finally "Dedicated ft. Mar G", the only collaborational effort on "Hyper Flux", once again relies on beats in reverse, this time accompanied by piano romanticisms, Downtempo vibes and beautiful female vocals whilst the final cut "Zykmed" caters pure melancholia on a beatless level, masterly crafted and fused with highly scientific electric buzzes from a sci-fi lab of your choice. Good stuff!


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