Monday, May 15, 2017

S S S S - Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes [Hallow Ground Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Switzerland-based Hallow Ground imprint earlier this year is "Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes" which is the latest longplay album effort by Samuel Savenberg under his artistic alias S S S S, containing two long tracks created throughout a two weeks artist residency at a place called Südpol in the Swiss town Lucerne. Built from Field Recordings made on location as well as using several sound sources found in and around the building "Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes, Part I" caters a nice, ethereal and well balanced contrast between digital Noize and floating Ambient harmonies garnished with reprocessed, distorted vocal bits of an unsettling kind and futuristic barrage sequences as well as rhythmic pulses through the tracks' second half whilst "Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes, Part II" weighs in more of a hyperdark approach to grinding Industrial Illbient in hyper slow motion, evoking pictures of worlds falling into pieces before bits of strings and harmonies provide relief after a little more than four minutes, shining like a sonic sun over what's left after the ultimate apocalypse which is even more Noize, metallic clanging and lonely piano melancholia. Intensely beautiful!


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