Friday, May 19, 2017

Strotter Inst.- Miszellen [Hallow Ground Promo]

Put on the circuit in late March via the ever busy Hallow Ground-label is "Miszellen" , the latest album by Strotter Inst. who has drawn in attention due to his physical approach to remixing which does not include any work in like DAW's but relies more on both extracting parts and pieces from the original tracks, mostly cut on dubplate and then being manipulated, destroyed, cut, scratched and retreated in a non-linear, partly even chaotic way only to be re-assembled by Christoph Hess a.k.a.Strotter Inst. later onwards. Following this basic principle and work ethics we see Strotter Inst. take care of twelve different tracks of twelve different artists on this longplayer, covering a field inluding acts like Asmus Tietchens, Dälek, Foetus, Beequeen, Nurse With Wound or P16D4. As the nature of his work suggests these  reworks or re-arrangements mostly result in repetetive, hypnotizing and partly Industrial-reminiscing musical structures but can as well become surprisingly ravey like in Aceeh Imnsssttu - yes, that's the letters in 'Asmus Tietchens' arranged in alphabetical order - "Artigst Nach Gutem Changiert" whilst also touching borders of cinematic neoclassical melancholia, or even be harsh and aggressive like in his approach to Beeenqu (Beequeen) "Snijdende Tests".  With Dehin Nor Stuuww (Nurse With Wound) "105 Humorous Print Diseases" the work of Strotter Inst. even becomes slightly ritualistic in a very tense and spine-tingling way. In Giillmss U (Sigillium S) "Juli Enteist Jute" we see score noir'esque piano miniatures crossing paths with darkest Industrial Noize, heavy feedbacks, overall evil as well as captivating slow rhythmic pulses, Efostu (Foetus) "Acid Hang" even crosses over into oriental soundspheres and Ädekl (Dälek) "Seismic Sofa Gang" takes the original Mutant HipHop sound of the group to a new and well-epic level. Interesting stuff, this and defo recommended to those dwelling knee deep in experimental music.


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