Thursday, June 22, 2017

Golden Oriole - Golden Oriole [Drid Machine 027]

What to do when a promo sheet just states 'abstract and minimal music' and provides no more info on a forthcoming record? Well, this is what happened with the promo version of Golden Oriole's self-titled debut on Drid Machine, a three track EP released in March 2k17. So listening is the only option we've got and whilst we witness "The Approaching Of The Disco Void" we're experiencing maybe the most alienated take on despair and mournfulness we've come across in experimental  music structures for ages before a clumsy, robotic Funk groove adds up more puzzling weirdness and, throughout the last third of the 10+ minutes spanning track, wild Tribal drums and distorted Rock improvisations fully take over. With "The Trilithon" we see a return of the projects trademark mourning strings paired with more wild, improv-like drums plus electric guitar ecstasy and "The Pyrite Wink" opens up with sirens that set our senses to a high alert status for a fraction of a minute, preparing us for the raw, experimental Funk hell that's about to break lose after the intro. Truly unique, this.


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