Monday, June 26, 2017

The Greatest Hoax - Expiration Compositions [Serein 012]

Released on the classy Serein-imprint only recently is the second full length album by the Washington, D.C.-based composer Taylor Jordan under his artistic moniker The Greatest Hoax. Entitled "Expiration Compositions" the album caters a menu of nine tracks, thematically dealing with - according to the press release - 'a soundtrack to a peaceful death' created by Jordan, accompanied by additional textures by a string quartet led by cellist Mark Bridges of Kranky Records. Starting with the opener "Senescence" we're led into almost heavenly, positives spheres of Ambient music, "Left You Behind" caters more of a solemn attitude combining electronic waves, simple piano tones and floating, melancholia-inducing (neo)classical elements whereas "As The Light Dims" presents itself as a rich take on Piano Ambient, living up to class with heavy reverbs and an all embracing, warm organic attitude. With "You Never Learned A Thing" mighty piano lines are brought to the forefront  and accompanied by grandiose as well as slightly kitschy strings, "It's OK" calms things down a little for a short while and comes across as tender, party even fragile miniature whilst "Just Passing Through" introduces a slow 4/4 foundation alongside dubbed out pianos being the first and only actual beat driven track on this album. Furthermore "Fading Away" starts with short distinct piano melody before expanding into a hopeful, widescreen sonic universe, "Not Coming Back" weighs in a short, off kilter tape loop layered with additional chords and emotional strings to a calming effect and "Pulling Up The Sheets" finally waves goodbye in a classic Ambient manner, melting down all its elements to a blurry, yet beautiful flow for calm, autumnal afternoons. If you love your Piano-driven Ambient, or movie scores, to the max this is defo a recommended album for your collection.


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