Thursday, June 22, 2017

Joanne Pollock - Stranger [Timesig 007 Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via Venetian Snares' very own Timesig imprint is "Stranger", the album debut of the Canadian artist Joanne Pollock who has worked with the Breakcore-and-beyond genius in the past  under the artistic guise of Poemss. As a solo artist she caters a menu of ten tracks, opening with "Carnival" which paves the way for Joanne Pollock's enthralling vision of futuristic Pop fusing beautiful vocals with spatial, ever evolving Electronica structures. These structures, also evident in the more solemn, intimate follow up "Melt Myself", as well as the artists vocals seem to be more playful and relatable to the masses like those of fellow, or at least similar minded, female artists like Björk or Katie Gately,  present themselves in an epic, crystalline and IDM-informed way in the massive longing "You Know I Would Do Anything" whilst "Never Been You" starts out ethereal and vocally multilayered before the underlying beats start to get really busy and turn this tune into a beautifully crafted piece of Leftfield Pop from a far future. In "Expect Me" we see fountains of melodic synth tones sparkle, providing a sweet as candy foundation for the artists vocalisms, the title track "Stranger" gets ballad'esque in a quite melancholia-driven Future Folk'ish way, "Myself Apart" hovers through dimensions of otherworldly beauty whilst the tunes beats provide a clubbier, partly even dancefloor approach, "Scratching" features amazing, Piano-resembling lines and a captivating slo-mo structure, the "Jealous Mind" comes across a little more positive and lighthearted than most of the other songs on this album and the final "You're Gone" is a perfect conclusion for the great Leftfield Pop album that Joanne Pollock's debut is. Defo recommended this. 


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