Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Various Artists - Anthology Of Lithuanian Art Music In The 21st Century [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Released only recently via the Music Information Centre Lithuania and curated by Frank J Oteri is the labels latest compilation entitled "Anthology Of Lithuanian Art Music" which caters the first big overview of Lithunian contemporary compositions created in the past 18 years - the first years of the 21st century. Doing so by compiling a bunch of 18 tracks and loads of information given in the albums booklet and liner notes this might be the first ever selection of this kind focusing on the scene of this Eastern European country, introducing the work of many composers - most of them presumably unknown to Western listeners - to a wider audience including pieces by names like Antanas Kucinskas, Vytautas Germanvicius, Elena Sataite, Ziboukle Martinaityte and many others in its two CD spanning tracklist that includes one composition from each year of the century thus far and is equally balanced in terms of contributions by male and female artists. With all pieces based on scores and sheet music notations which are included as .pdf files the compilation for practical reasons focuses on (Neo)Classical and Contemporary Classical music of several tonal and athmospheric qualities starting with the tense, fast moving  "Triplum" by Tomas Kutavicius and its thundering, partly brutal and overwhelming vibe whilst Loreta Narvilaite's piece "The Wave Accompanies The Bird's Flight" for solo violin is more for those enjoying Classical Music along its usual and established lines. A few more examples of musical greatness on here are the growing tension and spine-tingling climax in Vytautas Germanivicius "Crumbling Arches", the surely Folk-influenced "Triglyph" by Jurgita Miezelyte or the experimental Jazz approach to be found in Lukrecija Petkute's trombone and tuba piece "TeleAgony". Further recommendations on CD2 include the droning, intense unrest delivered by Justina Repeckaite's "REM", the epic Classical intro sequence of Elena Sataite's "Eremos" which turns into intense thunder and danger-heralding darkness - as well as dramatic beauty - over the course of nearly 12 minutes. In Julius Aglinskas' "The New Net In Two", one of the rare vocal pieces on this album, we find ethereal, yet haunting and mystic interweaving choirs whereas Albertas Navickas' "Blanche T'a Vu" lives by a previously unheard combination of whispers, respiratory sounds, non-vocalisms and dramatic flutes and sticks out as one of the most fascinating compositions featured on the "Anthology Of Lithuanian Art Music In The 21st Century" which is a highly recommended one for a reason.

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