Monday, July 10, 2017

Ekin Fil - Ghosts Inside [The Helen Scarsdale Agency 042 Promo]

As announced earlier this month we see Turkish artist Ekin Fil, better known as Ekin Üzeltüzenci to her friends and parents, launching her new album "Ghosts Inside" via the ever active The Helen Scarsdale Agency in early August, 2k17. Dealing with quite a bunch of trouble and sadness in her personal life we see the Istanbul-based singer and composer create a dark'ish, intimate and fragile minor key universe based on simple, yet sad and beautiful piano lines and ethereal vocals, solemn instrumental interludes like the 94 second spanning "Interlude", deep autumnal shoegazing to be found in songs like "Like A Child" or the tender etudes of the most beauteous and fairy-like "Simple Past".  In "Used To Be" Ekin Fil caters crystalline sadness in purest Ambient form, "Before A Full Moon" serves a menu of blurry melancholia  and so does the follow-up "Fin" whereas the dubbed out "With The Birds" seems to unveil some hope and a light at the end of the tunnel after going through a period of bitterness and pain. Furthermore the "Final Cut", ironically the second to last tune on this wonderful album, takes us into a deep, romantic forest on a late summer evening and "Silent-Alive" closes the 36 minutes longplay circle on a peace- and seemingly hopeful tip, waving a tender goodbye before we're hitting the repeat button for another listening session of our CD-r promo copy. Recommended!


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