Monday, July 31, 2017

Gajek - Micromanic [Infinite Greyscale 012]

Released via Berlin's ever active and highly art savvy imprint named Infinite Greyscale is "Micromanic", the latest musical outing by Matti Gajek a.k.a. Gajek which enters selected shelves as a hand-numbered, limited to 300 copies 10" edition these days. After Gajek already left  a mark on the infamous Monkeytown-imprint with a full album effort filled with short snippets and sketches back in 2014 this one sees him exploring the possibilities of longer track formats as he uses the full side of this one-sided disc to deeply indulge in an intense fusion of Ambient and playfully dripping echoes of Electronica which are seemingly based on modular synthesis rather than DAW-programmed sequencing and do come across like some of the early experiments in electronic music once created by the genres very pioneers. This friendly and open attitude is later met by distinctively swinging hi-hat works, an ever intensifying, slowly shifting midrange drone, haunting echoes and, more obviously, by high speed drum sequences layered at the very back end of the mix like they've been somehow recorded accidentally throughout the process whilst a young neighbour blasted some of his latest Thunderdome / Hardcore mixtapes in the flat next door, unwillingly adding up to the eerie, outerworldy atmosphere provided by "Micromanic". Outstanding stuff, this is.     


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