Saturday, July 08, 2017

Ogive - Folds [Room 40 Promo]

Released on June 30th, 2k17 via the Australian Room40-imprint is "Folds", the first official collaboration album by Chris Herbert and Elias Merino which was teasered by a first preview video on these pages only recently. With the five tracks of this album the two artists combine their shared interest in unfamiliar landscapes of textures and harmony starting with the blurred, crackly and drifting Ambient sphere that is "Dehiscence", "Isomerica" weighs in repetetive, hypnotic droning and a slightly Oval'esque athmosphere alongside warm and organic textures and "Refractaise" combines Deep Listening Music, soft crackles as well as pads obviously played backwards and a few Field Recordings. Furthermore "Riffs" takes us into dreamy Ambient clouds that are nicely contrasted with a few disturbances appearing about mid-track for a while and the exploration of the "Superhabitat" unveils an intense, climaxing and partly ear-piercing take on harmonic Ambient Noise for those who love to step out of their ChillOut comfort zone for a reason.


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