Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sandow - Entfernte Welten [Major Label]

Set and ready for release on September 1st, 2k17 via the Jena-based Major Label is "Entfernte Welten", the most recent album outing by Sandow - one of the most discussed, controversial and still active avantgarde-related bands founded in the former GDR, the abbreviation for the dismantled and defunct socialist East Germany. Providing a fourteen song d'oeuvre on their latest longplay piece the band stays true to their leftfield, genre-bending and unique approach, catering a wideranged menu including highlights like the dramatic, if not even theatrical, noisy and Industrial-Punk infused anthem "Stein", Spoken Words infused bits and sketches like "Niemals Tot", wildly arranged, yet romantic castaway scores like "Cupidus" or epicly unique "Also Sprach Zarathustra"-sampling, stop-and-go hymns for art-infused outlaw living like "Sei Trunken". More recommendations on here: the scenic, raw Metal-emulation named "Eis", the score'esque resource romanticism of "Mangan" or clever, yet absurd word wizzardry as served in the bluesy, down-to-earth desert feel catering "Known Knowns" which defo is one of our favorite tunes on "Entfernte Welten" for a reason. Not necessarily an album catering towards the average mainstream consumer but an interesting one for sure.



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