Monday, August 21, 2017

GIW - Never Is Always [ti-Records]

Put on the circuit only recently via ti-Records is "Never Is Always", the album debut of Pablo Giw a.k.a. GIW which is at home at the more experimental side of trumpet playing and performance. Opening with a fascinating take on Electronica meets Spoken Word and trumpet droning melancholia named "Morning Machine" GIW paves the way for things to come, for the following "What's Outside Isn't There" in which the artist follows an instrumental path of meandering, Jazz-infused repetitions based on what seems to be a field recorded rhythmic foundation whilst "I Saw You / Trouble" even digs deep into classic Jazz / Soul territories for those appreciating a bit of deep ass urbanizm as well as highly detailed beat and vocal cut-ups in their lives. Furthermore "Hain" comes across with a highly energetic, percussive vibe and mechanical feel that might be seen as a perfect musical equivalent to steam punk in some way or the other, "Gone" caters a floating, magically ambient'esque approach towards spiralling trumpet modulations and "The Golden Calf" brings us a heartfelt, autumnal amalgamation of Future Jazz, Bar Jazz and carefully hit gong tones, once again garnished with intense Spoken Word poetry. Finally the "Right Endeavour" unleashes tweaked and twisted electronic beasts and whispering, non-vocal ghosts from other dimensions onto experimental Industrial dancefloors whereas the concluding cut "Never Is Always" gets apocalyptic in terms of mixing up floating, beautiful sonic spirals and alienatingly altered vocals whilst gravitating towards a peaceful and calm closing. Unique, this is and recommended to both fans of experimental Jazz as well as urban electronics and modernist concrete Soul music.

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