Monday, September 18, 2017

Dälek - Endangered Philosophies [Ipecac Recordings]

Put on the circuit via Ipecac Recordings on September 1st, 2k17 is "Endangered Philosophies", the latest full length album release in the nearly 20 years spanning career of Mutant HipHop veterans Dälek who first appeared on the circuit back in 1998 and made waves solo as well as collaborating with the likes of Faust or Kevin Martin's Techno Animal in the past. With their new eleven track spanning longplayer the band consequently follows their path, fusing heavy distortions layers and dark'ish, eroding sound elements partly built from samples sent to the band by other bands and performers they've bonded with over a long time with precise, razorsharp raps and danger-inducing atmospheres as well as classic, yet obscured melodies from the Jungle scene as to be recognized by genre experts in the banging "Few Understand" whereas tunes like "The Son Of Immigrants" weigh in a melodic sense of the apocalpyse, embarking on a sonic journey towards dystopia in which - interestingly - the vocal aspect caters as just another tier within the mix, embedded in and partly overrun by a wall of noise, an amalgamation of growing intensity and emergency that should be a part of every collectors collection for a reason. Recommended HipHop and Rap for those in the know - especially when it comes to the more Postnuclear Blues-reminiscing "Battlecries".

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