Saturday, October 07, 2017

Akmee - Neptun [Nakama Records 011]

Put on the circuit via the Norwegian Nakama Records label in late June, 2k17 is "Neptun", the first ever album outing by the collaborative quartet Akmee consisting of Erik Kimestad Pedersen, Kjetil Jerve, Erlend Albertsen and Andreas Wildhagen which are exploring a deep and very score'esque as well as experimental vision of Jazz within their music which, until now, has only been performed live in front of selected audiences in Norway, Denmark and Germany. The opening tune "Summoning" perfectly embraces the deranged feeling of staring out the windows of some rundown, nearly abandoned bar somewhen through a misty midweek November night, finding its continuation in the livelier and seemingly more improvisational buzz of "Dance Of The Maniae" whereas "Wavelengths" defines full on melancholia in combination with more of a spine-tingling DarkJazz approach before the concluding "Tides In Space" provides a beautifully arranged grand finale sporting grandiose piano lines and captivating movements in sounds for all those loving their Jazz-infused sounds based on repetetive, yet ever varied patterns. Lovely.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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