Thursday, October 26, 2017

Crisopa - Transhumante [Sound In Silence 041]

Put on the circuit lately via the great Greek label Sound In Silence is "Transhumante", the fourth full length album effort created by the Spanish producer Santiago Lizon, better known under his alias Crisopa to followers of masterly crafted electronic music. Opening with a "Bird Song Incarnation" we're entering a sonic territory of playful, friendly and most of all pretty much bouncing Electronica Dub sporting lovely synth bass lines for lovers of sub heavy music, "I Am The Lord Of These Ruins" offers widescreen, panoramic Ambient and dubbed out background Electronica structures covered by thick string layers and blurred vocals, "Fast Dive" caters a lovely array of scintillant sonic cascades and raw, yet mesmerizing synths whereas the "Serene Option" lives up to the expectations raised by tender pads, distinct drum sounds and more floating, bell-like goodness alongside fascinatingly rhythmic click patterns and what seem to be reprocessed violins. Observing "Melting Wax Sculptures" we're listening to deep, (Neo)Cosmic-infused Downtempo romanticisms infused with inward looking Indietronica aspects, "Fluorine Cold Flames" even touches borders of - extremely sophisticated - SynthPop stylewise and the final cut named "Irradiating Nucleus" waves goodbye in a slightly melancholic, autumnal manner after a highly pleasant, yet way too short 34 minutes of total playtime. Nice.

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