Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Trupa Trupa - Jolly New Songs [Ici D'Ailleurs / Blue Tapes And X-Ray Promo]

To be released as joint venture between Ici D'Ailleurs and Blue Tapes And X-Ray on October 27th, 2k17 is "Jolly New Songs", a new album by the Polish band outfit Trupa Trupa which brought us their massive album "Headache" back in 2k15. With their latest longplay effort we see the band revealing a new aspect of their work within a bunch of eleven songs, slowly moving away from the more aggressive, dark'ish and partly (No)Wave-oriented feel of its predecessor, keeping the Grunge, yet not the noise, out of their way and gravitating towards a more dreamy, Psychedelia-loaden style, clearly drawing certain inspiration from Shoegaze, PostRock and floating IndiePop / DreamPop which are even evident in songs like "Falling" or the Minimal PostPunk-oriented "Never Forget" although they do feature experimental, raw sequences harking back to the sound of 2k15's Trupa Trupa which was, at least from our point of view, more fascinating and unique than what's delivered on "Jolly New Songs".


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