Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sascha Müller - The Iron Raver EP [Psychocandies 058]

Put on the circuit  in late September via Psychocandies as the labels cat.no. 058 is Sascha Müller's "The Iron Raver EP", a new four track effort opening with "Digital Expression", a sweet piece of raw, uplifting Rave music paying homage to the HardTrance-induced heydays of the genre that were the mid-90s. Following up is "Progressive Attack", namewise probably inspired by the former compilation series of the same name, which takes us further into nervous and speedy Trance-territories whereas the "Space Tourist" comes up with a sweet, bouncy and bubbly AcidTrance approach for all true lovers of the genre before the final cut named "Time Range" walks down a similar path whilst adding a more playful and innocently happy feel to the overall vibe. What a flashback, this one is!


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