Thursday, October 19, 2017

Various Artists - Psycho Kidzzz Vol. 4 [Psychocandies 057]

Released on August 31st, 2k17 via the ever active Psychocandies-imprint is the labels fourth full on various artists compilation catering a bunch of nine new tracks from its core producers, starting into approx. 55 minutes of sound with "Untitled 2" by The 808 Hillbillys which are catering a long,  well psychedelic journey into analogue ElectroAcid which is seemingly influenced by the well trippin' mid-90s releases of labels like XXC3 whilst Sascha Müller's "Acid Porn Dog 3" is a raw and untamed affair which, although for strange reasons, reminds us of of Plexus' 1991-released slammer "Raw Mission" vibewise and 3CloneB's "DS War Part 1" comes at us in a slow, grinding and distorted manner, ready to wreck and carnage our braincells within a little more than five minutes. In "Untitled 7" we see Sascha Müller bring back the magic of floating, ecstatic AcidTrance, RU DEAD 42's "Waveform Download" is more of a slightly below average MonoAcid affair and Sascha Müller's "Acid Swamp 3" enters more wild and untamed uptempo realms, weighing in elements of hardcore knob twisting and peak time ecstasy for die-hard Acid headz. Coming back with "Untitled 1" are The 808 Hillbillys again, revealing a grinding, mechanical and nerve wrecking aspect of their musical work which is is perfectly suitable for strobe-lit, illegal basement parties before the Frog Bitch serves highly compressed, captivating Rave / HardTrance / AcidTrance action with the dark, dramatic, yet anthemic "Gamble 303" and Sascha Müller finally closes this compilation with "Acid Constructor", a surprising and highly energetic take on ultrafast AcidRave which easily crosses the 170bpm-landmark and is about to please all fans of 90s Rave acts like RMB, Hardsequencer and the likes of speed- and energywise and therefore turns out to be our favorite track on this album for sure. 


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